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Undergrad at the School of Mineral Resources Engineering of Technical University of Crete (focusing on energy & petroleum engineering), avid collector of light, design enthusiast and web addict. Analytical, inquisitive and visually oriented, I get my kicks from dataviz, design and volunteering, besides engineering & photography that is. And of course science jokes—sometimes I'm a nerd like that.
My favorite question is "Why?"

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A few of my photos. Some are best described as documentary in nature, while a couple are architectural. Plus, some more.
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  • Mineral Resources Engineering — In progress

    • Technical University of Crete
    • Diploma/BSc (5yrs full-time, click on "Further info" below)
    • Expected graduation date: Late 2016 — Early 2017
    • Thesis: Comparison and evaluation of the various Black Oil Tables generation methods for reservoir simulation.
    • Was awarded a Scholarship for Academic Performance by the university.

      • Further info:

        • About the Department

          The primary goal of the School of Mineral Resources Engineering is to educate engineers in a broad range of scientific and technical activities related to the extraction and processing of minerals. The coursework focuses in particular on industrial minerals and energy resources. I have elected to focus on the "energy resources" branch of the studies, wich provides an emphasis on petroleum engineering.

        • About the Degree

          In Greece, diplomas can be awarded by educational institutes as a proof of a certain educational level. Diploma in engineering is a high award provided by Greek technical universities after the successful completion of a five-year programme.

        • Activities and Societies

          • SPE - Society of Petroleum Engineers student member
          • Photoskiasi - Technical University of Crete Photography Club
          • ThinkBiz - Youth Entrepreneurship Student Association


  • Intern (Reservoir Engineering)

    • Energean Oil & Gas
    • 11th July 2011 – 12th August 2011
    • Internship in the reservoir engineering dept of Energean Oil & Gas. Note that as the intership was coordinated with the Technical University of Crete, the duration of the intership was determined by the school, as to not conflict with academic obligations.

Further Education

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