Open-sourced projects

Currently most are on R, but more in python soon.

signal_lib (working title) | python

A work-in-progress Python library for working with vibration signals, primarily aimed to signals from wind turbine drivetrains.

Initial focus is on bearings (envelope analysis via Hilbert transform and spectral kurtosis), but most of the tools can be re-usable (Order Tracking, FFT with sane defaults for mechanical applications).

Under active development, repository link forthcoming once API becomes fairly stable.

Wanderer ID | R

Automated zooplankton classification solution for Marine Scotland Science using R, utilizing XGBoost, Random Forests and k-NN. A prototype system operationalises the best performing model. GitHub

Prototpye and PID-to-CSV converter

In the process of making Wanderer ID, a prototype was created for operationalization as well as a PID to CSV converter, both tailored to the specific workflow used at the time in Marine Scotland Science and all written in R.

Titanic API | R

Model-as-a-Service via API creation with R: proof of concept by building a Naive Bayes model on the Titanic data set and serving it as an online API via a hosted Docker container. Github

ChilWind | R

R code for forecasting wind speeds at Chilbolton, UK using a variety of classical time series methods, including ETS, sARIMA and combinations with STL decomposition. Github.


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